Driving school videos


How to Move the Car off

Sounds really simple.....and it is, just watch this short video to see how easy moving the car off really is.

How to Stop the Car

In this short video we show you really simply how to safely stop the vehicle. 

Approaching to Turn Left

Watch to see how you should approach a corner to turn left using the MSPSL routine.

How to Emerge Left

Watch to see how to Emerge out of a junction to the left using the MSPSL routine.

Downhill Start

Wondering how to do a downhill start? Then here it is.

What to expect on your 1st driving lesson.

In this short video we explain very simply what tends to happen on your 1st driving lesson. We explain from checking the licence to actually being dropped off at home.

Intensive Driving Courses Bristol

Explaining what an Intensive Driving Course is all about!

Another Great 1st Time Pass.

Kai is a Keyworker who took driving lessons with Andy. She was taught so well that she managed to pass her practical driving test on her 1st attempt with ZERO minor driving faults.   We are all really impressed and proud of her.   We wish Kai all the best for the future. A&M 

A short 5 minute video on the pull push steering technique.  Simply explaining the types of steering we see, how to hold the steering wheel and a demo of how to pull push. A briefly explanation of how much steering is needed to get around a left corner and a right corner.