Terms & Conditions

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Payment for driving lessons, unless prepaid block courses, must be made at the start of a lesson, either in cash or by cheque payable to the driving instructor. Pupils must be prepared to accept the guidance of their driving instructor, particularly with regard to safety and any relevant legislation and to comply at all times with the requirements of the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Acts. The pupil certifies that they are a holder of a valid provisional or full licence (car) in their name which is duly signed. If you hold an old paper style licence then a valid upto date passport must be seen. 

Terms & Conditions

Your driving instructor cannot be responsible for tests postponed by the DVSA, or for lessons postponed as the result of illness, or for mechanical breakdown or availability of tuition vehicle. The decision to apply for a theory or practical driving test rests ultimately with the pupil. Pupils should take note of the driving instructor's advice and assessment before applying for tests. Pupils must agree any test date with the driving instructor. The driving instructor's car will only be made available for test if there are no other prior appointment commitments on the part of the driving instructor, and if the pupil is deemed to have reached test standard. Use of the car may be withdrawn without notice for safety reasons at the driving instructor's discretion regardless of any appointment committed previously. The pupil should ensure that any necessary documentation is available when arriving for a test e.g. all parts of licence, appointment letter, theory certificate etc. 

Driving Test Performance

As with all test situations, although appropriate guidance is given, the outcome of a driving test is not guaranteed with the agreement to provide tuition.
The result is dependent purely upon the pupils performance on the specific test and rests solely with the DVSA examiner. We DO NOT Guarantee a pass. 

Intensive Driving Courses

As courses are booked well in advance and other applications then rejected for those dates, the booking fee is non refundable. Course fee balance must be paid 21 days before the start of lessons. 

Student Performance

Course content and duration is derived from DVSA guidelines and also based upon our experience with many successful pupils. As all pupils are individuals, there may occasionally be a situation where the pupil does not reach test standard within the time constraints of a particular course although such courses do typically provide suitable training for the vast majority of pupils. In this event, the pupil must take the advice offered by the driving instructor as to how best to proceed. This may be postponing test, additional training at the students expense, or other suggested actions. Any such likelihood will be indicated by the driving instructor at the earliest opportunity. Please note fees already paid cannot be refunded after the start of the course. 

Fitness to Drive

All pupils must advise their instructor in advance if they have any conditions such as Dyslexia or extreme left / right coordination difficulties. If in doubt, please advise the driving instructor of anything you feel might impact upon training. Any medical condition which might be a factor in driving must be also declared. 

Unforeseen Circumstances

Safety is always a principal consideration. The driving instructor reserves the right to alter schedules if influenced by adverse weather or other safety related factors. In such circumstances the times concerned will be re-booked at mutual convenience as part of the contract undertaken. Please note that a copy of the above agreement will be issued to all students before embarking on the intensive driving course.