Driving Lessons Keynsham Bristol

Driving Lessons Keynsham Bristol

Driving Lessons Keynsham Bristol are available with A&M School of Motoring. Keynsham is a small town between Bath and Bristol with a BS postcode and has an approximate population of 16000 people. Being between Bristol and Bath offers you the option of having driving lessons in two great cities which are vibrant and diverse. It also offers you option of taking your driving test from either the MPTC Driving test centre in Kingswood or the Brislington Driving Test Centre, both of which have similar types of roads, infact some of the driving test routes overlap at some point if you are lucky.

If you live in Keynsham and you start your driving lessons there is a good chance that you will start off in a place called Hurn Lane. This is a really really quiet location with lots of flat wide empty roads. Once the basics are mastered here then you will probably venture out a little further to the other side of the town centre where the traffic is slightly busier with more challenges awaiting you. 

Keynsham town centre used to be a 2 way street but in the last few years the council have made it a little bit more pedestrian friendly and thus it is now a 1 way street with a contraflow cycle lane; all good practice! 

You will find in Keynsham lots of mini roundabout, about 10 which definitely gets you used to using the MSPSL routine and hopefully will break some fears of roundabouts early on.

If you take driving lessons in Keynsham Bristol then you will definitely have to drive on the Hicks Gate Roundabout and the A4174 which lots of our customers do not like what so ever. The A4174 is a fast flowing dual carriageway which takes you away from Keynsham upto Longwell Green and eventually onto the M4 and M5 Motorways. With practice and a patient driving instructor we are sure you will crack it.....eventually.

Keynsham Bristol boasts some tasty treats......Cadburys Chocolate Factory which now unfortunately is now a new housing development, but my oh my that chocolate is tasty.

Check out the happy customer in the photo who took driving lessons in Keynsham Bristol.


We have a couple of driving instructors that cover the Keynsham Area. These include Simon and Andy. So why don't you book your driving lessons in Keynsham online now and you could be on the road soon.

Driving Lessons Keynsham Bristol