We offer in car help with your theory test and mock driving tests prior to your actual driving test. The Cost of the tests;

  • Cost of the theory test is £23.00.

  • Cost of the practical driving test is £62.00.

The Theory Test

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You must pass your theory test before you can book in for your practical driving test.

To book your test you can ring 0300 200 11 22, or you can book online via www.gov.uk.

There are 14 sub sections to the theory test these will include the following

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety and your vehicle
  • Safety margins
  • Hazard awareness
  • Vunerable road users
  • Other types of vehicles

  • Vehicle handling
  • Motorway rules
  • Rules of the road
  • Road & traffic signs
  • Documents
  • Accidents
  • Vehicle loading

To pass this part you must answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly. The second part is the hazard perception test. The pass mark for this part of the test is 44 out of 75.

Be aware that from 19th July 2010 some of the multiple choice questions will be set in the form of a case study. The case study will focus on real life examples and experiences that you might encounter when driving.

You do not have to pass your theory test to learn how to drive. We recommend that you start to have practical driving lessons before you take your theory test because you are more likely to perform better if you have some driving experience. The learner driver who has plenty of practice and who receives professional instruction perform well on the day of the test.

The Practical Driving Test

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Practical driving tests are generally available at all permanent test centres. Saturday and weekday evening tests (May to September only), subject to resources being available, are offered at a premium rate.

From the 4th of December 2017 the driving test changed. Within the 40 minutes of driving there will be a 20 minute independent drive which could include using a sat nav. Alternatively the pupil may also will be expected to follow a simple road map or follow road signs for a particular location. If you would like more information on the new driving test then please visit You tube.

You will no longer need to reverse around a corner or do a turn in the road. The new manoeuvres will either be a parallel park a bay park (forwards or backwards) or the pull up on the right and then reverse back for a couple of car lengths.

Documents to bring to the test

Theory test pass certificate (or confirmation) and your driving licence - the photocard.

You must take your signed driving licence and a valid passport if you have an old-style paper licence.

Driving test result

You will pass your test if you commit less than 15 minor faults, 0 serious faults and 0 dangerous faults. You can ask your instructor to listen in on the debrief so that they can listen into what has happened. Visit Our Blog Page to see the top 10 reasons for failing your driving test. 

If you pass

The examiner will give you a pass certificate. They will also ask you if you want your full licence to be sent you automatically 

If you don't pass

You have to wait 10 working days before taking another test, working days do not include Saturdays or Sundays.

Why don't you watch some of our videos of some our happy customers who have passed their driving test with A&M recently.