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Tried and Automatic Vehicle Yet?


  • Are you looking to learn to drive in Bath? But have found manual vehicles a bit confusing?
  • Are you struggling to get to grips with the gears?
  • Are you finding it all a bit stressful learning to drive?
  • Have you had a bad experience with another driving school?
  • Do you want to get on the road quickly?
  • Do you have a disability or injury that makes driving a manual vehicle difficulty?


We Have the Answer!

Learn to drive in an automatic vehicle in Bath!

Learning to drive in an automatic vehicle is much simpler than a manual vehicle as you don't have to worry about the clutch and all those confusing gears, which allows you to concentrate on what's going on outside of the car.

The driving test you sit will be exactly the same to the manual driving test, you will drive the same roads and carry out the same exercises. By taking an automatic driving test you will have more time to concentrate on the road because you have a lower work load inside the car.

Our automatic driving instructor in Bath will potentially save you lots of money because you will learn quicker as you have less to concentrate on when driving along than a manual vehicle. Therefore taking less driving lessons.

Our automatic driving instructor covers all parts of Bath and the surrounding areas. He currently teaches in a Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI which is light and airy and easy to manoeuvre.

So give us a call to book your first automatic driving lesson.

Or text us the word "AUTOMATIC" to 0787 2175310 for a call back.

We can now offer automatic driving lessons in Frome, POA.

We also offer automatic driving lessons in Trowbridge, POA.

So if you live in, or near to any of the above places then we might be able to help you with passing your practical driving test in an automatic vehicle.

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